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photography by Julian Martin

Sheba Fideler and her husband have lived just blocks off Lake of the Isles for almost 30 years. Being near the lakes feeds their souls and has inspired their work in creating three longstanding businesses: Sheba Concept & Design, a graphic design and branding agency; Sheba Productions, an event production company, and The Sample Room restaurant in NE Mpls.

While a new company wasn’t in the plan, Sheba heard from her dear friend Rosie DeSimone about an inspired new idea and was immediately hooked.

The idea for BIG LOViE™ came to Rosie because she wanted to solve a problem. Her children kept commandeering her luxurious plush throws for their own use. They had outgrown their baby blankets, called “lovies”, but still longed to be comforted by snuggling up with something soft and cozy. Moreover, she recognized people of all ages need comfort when we are sick, or sad, or when we want to be close to those we love. She imagined a blanket line branded with wisdom and love that could expand to help people celebrate, encourage, and appreciate those we love. The inspiration for the idea became the inspiration for the name — BIG LOViE™.

Rosie reached out to Sheba for help with branding and marketing strategy. As Rosie articulated her vision — making soft, luxurious products that deliver big, giant hugs and are a comfort for years to come; helping people connect and feel loved; developing a program for “giving back” — Sheba fell hard for the idea. Everything resonated with her. Sheba, with her love for design and creating, and her passion for projects that have a positive impact, felt called to collaborate with Rosie to make the dream a reality. “I never would have envisioned being part of a blanket company,” said Sheba. “But when you start with the love and the positive messaging, it was irresistible.”

The flagship Guardian Angel blanket began with a magical moment when they found a plush fabric that puffed up like a cloud. “Wrapping up in the fabric made us feel like kids again” and indeed, kids loved it! But the magic is in the beautiful message stamped on its soft Ultrasuede label that will always remind kids (and adults) about their power, strength and beauty.

Their Infinite Love blanket is a premium chunky knit micro-chenille blanket. It is unique in that it is made with one continuous yarn spool ensuring the integrity of the blanket with only one knot. Most manufacturers said it couldn’t be done, but one put their team to work and solved it. Even more unique, they created a series of LoveSnaps, which allow the buyer to customize these blankets with the uplifting message(s) of their choice.

Sheba and Rosie have laid the foundation but the heart of BIG LOViE is only beginning to show itself, and the future is exciting. They are developing blankets as well as hats and scarves that love Mother Earth, celebrate friendships, honor the military, nurture healing and more. Their charitable partnership program gives 10% to children in need of warmth and love, and they are working with charity organizations to support their fundraising efforts by developing special blankets unique to their cause with proceeds going directly to the charity.

“Our tag line is ‘Wrap up in love®’; ultimately, that’s our goal the world over.”

BIG LOViE™ products are available on their website, where they want to create a community of people who share stories about the ways in which their blankets make a difference to people they celebrate and appreciate. One might make the perfect gift for someone you love.

 Lake Society Magazine Autumn 2019 BIG LOViE

 photography by Julian Martin

Lake Society Magazine Autumn 2019 BIG LOViE Article