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Seasons of Love: Original Valentine's Day Gifts for All

Lifestyle expert Ali Levine features BIG LOViE blankets on the Las Vegas CBS Channel 8 News Now program. Ali highlights how BIG LOViE blankets make the perfect unique Valentine's Day gift for adults and kids alike. "Blankets are such a fun way to say I love you over and over again!"

“I love this company! I love BIG LOViE. What is a lovie? Something you love, you feel comfort in, you feel snuggled. Everyone loves to snuggle up—whether it be a kid, our husbands, ourselves. They do all of these beautiful (styles), chunky knit, (Guardian Angel in) gorgeous pastel pink—all of these different colors. These are the LoveSnaps: they have all of these different cute little sayings you can snap on that are really fun just to give it personality. There’s a message attached here (on the Guardian Angel) you can read with the blanket. Each blanket comes with a really sweet message. Just to remember that happiness and that lovie feeling. Their Share the Love Program—they want to help a child in need of warmth & love; for every blanket purchased they dedicate to a child in need.”