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written by Chris Tarbox, photography by Julian Martin and Tyler Richard


During this unusual and difficult time, we could use all the creature comforts we can get. For some, it can be a favorite meal; for others, it can be listening to soothing music. But it’s hard to imagine anybody who doesn’t enjoy the pure, indescribable feeling of a big, comfy blanket wrapped around oneself.

Last year, business partners Sheba Fideler and Rosie DeSimone joined forces to create BIG LOViE, a Twin Cities-based organization that creates unique, luxurious blankets to offer warmth and comfort for their wearers.

The idea for BIG LOViE came to Rosie as she watched her children outgrow their baby blankets, called ‘lovies’, yet they still longed to be comforted by snuggling up with something soft and cozy,” said Fideler. “And really, we all love a favorite blanket when we are sick, or sad, or when we want to be close to those we love. She imagined a blanket line branded with wisdom and love that could help people celebrate, encourage, and appreciate each other. The inspiration for the idea became the inspiration for the name: BIG LOViE.”

Fideler has over 25 years of experience as a graphic designer, entrepreneur, and marketer, and it was her intention to help spread positivity in the work she creates.

When Rosie called with this idea to create super soft blankets adorned with positive messaging I was immediately all in,” said Fideler. “A person giving a BIG LOViE knows they are sending something meaningful and thus they feel good; the recipient is constantly reminded they are important, they matter, they are loved; and with our Share the Love program, a blanket is donated to a child in need with every purchase. I knew BIG LOViE could move the needle of hope and positivity, blanket by blanket, and the ripple effect of that would be limitless.”

BIG LOViE’s current lines of products are made of 100 percent poly microfibers, which create llama fabrics and chenille yarns. Many of the machine-washable blankets are crafted with positive messages to infuse well-meaning intentions into them.

For example, we just created a new Dream Collection ‘One’ blanket to support the COVID crisis with 25 percent of sales going to the front line,” said Fideler. “The empowering message of ‘WE ARE ONE. EARTH. PEOPLE. LOVE’ is written on it in our super soft feather threads. The label has another message that says ‘Stronger Together. Completely Connected. Kindness Within.’ It’s symbolic of the true connectiveness we share with each other and the entire world we live in.”

This particular blanket is currently in production, with pre-orders now being accepted on the BIG LOViE website. And despite the inspiration for the company, BIG LOViE’s blankets are perfect for all ages, not just kids. The unique collections of blankets available are proof of that.

Our flagship blanket is the plush, luxurious, super-softGuardian Angelwith a message of love imprinted on a soft ultrasuede tab,” said Fideler. “Infinite Love is our super soft, chunky knit micro-chenille blanket made out of one continuous thread of single-center yarn. (This had never been done before and took months to develop this process, but we were insistent on this level of quality.) The Infinite Love is customizable with LoveSnaps, that feature words of encouragement, appreciation, and kindness.”

Fideler noted that the overarching philosophy of BIG LOViE is the truth that everyone needs comfort and love, and that their blankets offer a welcome comfort during this difficult time in our lives.

On the most basic level, people are hunkered down and spending an unprecedented amount of time at home,” said Fideler. “A super soft, cozy blanket inherently has a special way to provide comfort for all of those hours of lounging, reading, watching movies, etc.”

But BIG LOViEs are so much more,” Fideler continued. “Infused with positivity, they are uniquely special for this challenging time. People are scared, lonely, isolated. BIG LOViE blankets are like real-life hugs. If you are away from your loved ones, BIG LOViEs are the perfect way to reach out and let them know you are embracing them from afar.”

You can order your perfect plush blanket directly from, and all shipments will be safely delivered to one’s door. Orders over $100 will receive free shipping, and during the COVID-19 crisis, BIG LOViE is offering 20 percent off all orders using the code BEWELL, and buy-two-get-one-free deals using the code SPREADJOY.

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